Qinyuanchun ceramics is Foshan Guo Yun Ceramics Co., Ltd. is a major ceramic tile brand, the collection of ceramic tile research and development, production and sales, has been committed to build quality, The appearance of exquisite porcelain polished tiles, glazed tiles, so that ceramic tile technology and art highly perfect combination of space environment to continue the harmony and innovation, to create a livable space environment.

 "Quality casting brand, science and technology to promote brand, Word-of-mouth brand" is the whole development of Qinyuanchun ceramic principle, Qinyuanchun Ceramic brand has always maintained the forefront of the concept of the cornerstone of the industry. Qinyuanchun Ceramics through the ISO9001 International Quality Management System, 3C national compulsory product certification and has won the "Green preferred brand", "China's top ten brands of ceramic Industry", "China's famous brand", "National top ten urban and rural brand" and other honors. Produced by the company's fine porcelain polished tiles, rich in color, stable performance, high strength, fashionable, complete specifications, is decorated with architectural and home space ideal building decoration materials, and continuous innovation, product quality has always been in the industry-leading level, at all times to ensure that products in the forefront of the market trend. Qinyuanchun Ceramics Set up a professional market strategy system, to products as the fundamental, to serve as a double wing, adhere to the principle of high quality and efficiency, all-round upgrade the level of brand operation, sustained and steady development, and quickly become the industry's most dynamic building ceramic brand. Qinyuanchun Ceramics has a strong sales team, distribution network throughout the country, the establishment of more than 300 distribution points throughout the country, has set up a perfect set of sales, customer service, market research, analysis and decision-making as one of the marketing system, large-scale, systematic and mature operating system is Qinyuanchun strong brand strength Foundation. Qinyuanchun ceramics constructs the standard modern logistics network and the regulation mechanism, guarantees each product to be able to deliver accurately, intact to the customer hand. Qinyuanchun Ceramics formed a professional service team, to establish a unified service standards for every customer to provide all-weather instant response to the intimate service, patiently answer the customer's questions.

industry and customer recognition and praise is Qinyuanchun ceramic development and progress of the largest driving force, we will adhere to the spirit of the Qinyuanchun brand and philosophy, wholeheartedly, Work hard and enterprising, focus on one, to provide customers with more excellent products and better services, to lead consumers to appreciate the world of ceramic tile atmosphere vigorous, the atmosphere meaningful and without losing the spirit of the show in the world.

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